We are a partner-owned, independent investment firm founded in 2014 by Svein Høgset, Niklas Antman, Mikael Berglund and Alexander Kopp.

We own a concentrated portfolio of investments in publicly listed Northern European companies. Our investment horizon is long-term, and we invest in companies with leading market positions within their respective industries, run by capable and motivated management teams who act with their shareholders’ interest in mind.

Our investor base includes university endowments, foundations, institutional investors and family offices that share our long-term value focused investment philosophy.

We have offices in Oslo and Stockholm.

We are a signatory to the internationally-recognized Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). We regard sustainability as an integral part of our bottom-up research process as we believe companies with the right sustainability focus will create more value for shareholders over time. For further information, please see our Sustainability-related disclosures and our Sustainability Policy

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